Days 85 to 87 (Miles 1257.5 to 1328.8)


From our campsite at Lookout Rock, we hiked 26.9 miles to a strange little place called Belden Town. This was record mileage for us! With the trail getting less rocky and somewhat flatter, we’re averaging well over 20 miles per day. The bad news is we are now sore like we were when we first started this trail. Continue reading “Days 85 to 87 (Miles 1257.5 to 1328.8)”

Days 74 & 75 (Miles 1076.8 to 1114.7)


After spending the night at the mostly deserted Kirkwood ski area, we packed up and made our way back to the trail. As we left the hotel, Rob said “I hope whoever gives us a ride has donuts for us.” I laughed at his optimism. I was expecting a difficult hitchhike back to the trail. It didn’t seem like Highway 88 on a weekday morning would be an easy place to catch a ride, but it took all of about five minutes before somebody stopped. We made it to the Carson Pass trailhead in no time! Continue reading “Days 74 & 75 (Miles 1076.8 to 1114.7)”

Days 65 to 70 (Miles 948.3 to 1016.9)

Glen Aulin to Sonora Pass: this was the toughest section of the PCT so far. Every day felt like the most difficult day on the trail. This was the section of treacherous creek crossings, sun cups, post-holing, and water everywhere, especially in the 18 inch rut that is the trail. Continue reading “Days 65 to 70 (Miles 948.3 to 1016.9)”

Days 61 to 64 (Miles 903.2 to 948.3)


After a zero day in Mammoth, we took the free trolley back to the Horseshoe Lake trailhead. We were a little wiser this time, and took a slightly different route back to the PCT. We went over Mammoth Pass which was actually a maintained trail with significantly less downed trees and slightly less snow. Continue reading “Days 61 to 64 (Miles 903.2 to 948.3)”