Breweries along the PCT

Visiting breweries is obviously not the focus of the PCT. But good news everyone! If you’re into craft beer, there are a lot of options along the trail. We all have to get in to town to resupply anyway, right?

Here is my non-comprehensive list of breweries you could conceivably get to while hiking the PCT. The ones I was able to visit on the trail are marked in Bold.

PCT Mile Miles from PCT Town Brewery
26 21.5 Alpine, CA Alpine Beer Company
77 11.2 Julian, CA Nickel Beer Company
77 17 Julian, CA Julian Cider Works
266 8.1 Big Bear Lake, CA Big Bear Mountain Brewery
266 7.2 Big Bear Lake, CA Big Bear Lake Brewing
342 10.5 Hesperia, CA Oak Hills Brewing
566 10.3 Tehachapi, CA Honey Wagon Brewing
652 13.4 Inyokern, CA Indian Wells Brewing
652 37 Kernville, CA Kern River Brewing
831 37 Bishop, CA Mountain Rambler Brewery
907 8.4 Mammoth Lakes, CA Mammoth Brewing
907 9.7 Mammoth Lakes, CA Black Doubt Brewing
1091 10 South Lake Tahoe, CA Cold Water Brewery
1153 12 Truckee, CA Fifty Fifty Brewing
1329 8 Chester, CA Waganupa Brewing
1499 5.2 Dunsmuir, CA Dunsmuir Brewery Works
1499 22.6 Weed, CA Mt. Shasta Brewing
1597 10.4 Etna, CA Etna Brewing
1716 10 Ashland, OR Caldera Brewing
1716 12 Ashland, OR Standing Stone Brewing
1716 12 Ashland, OR Swing Tree Brewing
1905 27.3 Oakridge, OR Brewers Union Local 180
1981 20 Sisters, OR Three Creeks Brewing
1981 42 Bend, OR Too many to list
2084 5.7 Government Camp, OR Mt. Hood Brewing
2160.5 0.4 Cascade Locks, OR Thunder Island Brewing
2160.5 21 Hood River, OR 5 breweries!
2161 2.7 Stevenson, WA Walking Man Beer
2161 7.1 Carson, WA Backwoods Brewing
2391 0.4 Snoqualmie Pass, WA Dru Bru
2483 35 Leavenworth, WA Icicle Brewing
2589 35 Winthrop, WA Old Schoolhouse Brewery

13 thoughts on “Breweries along the PCT”

  1. This is awesome!!!!! Thank you for your hard work at procrastinating!!!! My start date is April 18Th 🙂 I love the “progress” map as well, how did you come up with that or where did you get it? I have a blogging website and I think it would be really cool to do something similar for my family and friends here in Michigan.

    1. Hey Alison. The map is loading directly from Craig’s PCT planner. If you export a plan from his site there’s a start and end “ID” number for each town, which is encoded in the map – this one ends with “1-10.png” because Lake Morena is ID 10, so I’m basically just going to change that number as we get to new towns. We haven’t started yet but I wanted a map as we go.

  2. Wow…this is great! BTW, Dru Brewery is at Snoqualmie Pass. Note the spelling (common mistake). Also, Snoqualmie is a modest sized town to the west of Snoqualmie Pass. I only mention this because sometimes people send resupplies to the town, which is 27 miles west of the pass; the less confusion, the easier it is to relax at the brewery 🙂

    1. Thanks Liz! Corrected. Harder to say out loud without the extra ‘a’ in there. Thanks for the resupply tip too, I’m sending a box there and I haven’t written the address yet.

    1. Pre-paid beer!? Great idea. Now I just have to walk 2160 miles to get it! Maybe we’ll see you out there somewhere.

    1. The glass in the photo is from Mammoth Brewing – “the highest brewery on the west coast”. I got it a few years ago during Sacramento Beer Week, back when their beer was easy to find here. It looks like they still sell a coozie and a hammock with the same graphic. Maybe they’ll send you a glass if you ask nicely! It would be cool to have a PCT breweries glass – “the worlds longest pub crawl”.

  3. I think I’d be doing a disservice without recommending June Lake Brewery. You’ll find June Lake, and its brewery, between Mammoth and Lake Tahoe, and it shouldn’t be missed! If you time it right, plan to visit the neighborhood food truck, Ohana’s, which is conveniently located outside JLB most of the time. Both are absolutely delicious. Have fun! Thanks for living the dream.

  4. I can certainly recommend the 395 IPA at Mammoth and I’ve had a good though possibly overpriced porter from Calder called Moogli’s. I couldn’t pass up the cute picture of the dog on the label.

  5. This is awesome! HIGHLY recommend adding Quintopia in Quincy–a fantastic micro/craft brewery with insanely good food. It’s 20 min drive from Bucks Summit (around mile 1267; between Truckee and Chester in Nor Cal). Recommend the cod sandwich, burger or buffalo chicken wrap. All the beers are delicious, you can’t go wrong. Thursday nights are trivia night.

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